this is an official website for the world premiere of re:bach - a unique performance featuring violin concertos of j.s.bach specially rearranged by johan ullén and performed by christian svarfvar (violin) and stockholms solister chamber orchestra conducted by maria eklund to take place on sunday, the 22nd of november 2016 at the royal palace in stockholm, sweden. a feast of bach and world level musicianship
Please note - ReBach Sweden Debut is moved to
22 November 2016
due to illness.
My name is Christian Svarfvar and now I know  what does it feel like to be a producer... Despite your very best effort it takes only one night  to lose your time, name, reputation and money. Tough job if you can get it and the worse is that I have self-appointed myself to it…
Jokes aside, from the bottom of my heart I welcome you to my first project which I initiated and produced as they say from scratch. I play violin since the age of five and I remember a special feeling I always had when playing music of Johan Sebastian Bach. There is certain magic in these notes written by the most important composer of all times. If you look at his “urtext” meaning his handwritten originals you will see almost no directions on tempo or emotion. I think this was absolutely genius decision on his behalf to leave the interpretation of his music to every particular performer. And every particular time. In terms of shelf life music of Bach was around for over 250 years and I am sure is played right now as you read these words somewhere in the world either live or on the radio. And each and every time it is interpreted differently.  This is mind blowing! Since my first lessons in the art of violin I felt the freedom and the excitement of playing Bach. And even tiny I wanted to play Bach my own way. It led me into the idea of this performance where my good friends Johan and Maria who share the same respect and love for Bach music collaborate with me and an amazing chamber orchestra Stockholms Solister to bring to you my original vision of Bach violin contertos. And I am eternally thankful to the Swedish Royal Family and the very enthusiastic people at the Musik På Slottet (Music at the Palace Trust).
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Together my friends and collaborators made my childhood dream possible. We are very careful with the legacy of Bach and his music and the very best effort was put into enhancing and not perverting the beauty of these works so well known to violin music connoisseurs and Bach music lovers worldwide. We hope that this performance will become a success and yes it will be my absolute pleasure to introduce it to the world audience. I hope to see you there at The Royal palace to celebrate the music of Bach – God of the twelve notes. Please support our work and keep the legacy of Bach alive and ever evolving!
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a short presentation by Christian Svarfvar
(will follow after a musical preview)
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Christian Svarfvar
This will be a wonderful performance in an astonishing venue on a Sunday evening. Can you week start any better?
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Après un rêve


Christian Svarfvar & Roland Pontinen

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